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Icarex 35




West Germany

Image of Icarex 35

f2.8, 5 cm Tessar, fully automatic iris diaphragm to f16. The iris settings do not have click-stops. Depth-of-field scale. Breech lock mount with only two tabs. Depressing a pin on the lens mount closes the iris. Bayonet filter mount. Serial no. 7039654 .

Focal-plane, speeds 1/2 - 1/1000, B. Delayed action. X, F, flash synchronisation.

Metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film held in cassette.

Helical to 18".

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Interchangeable roof pentaprism finder, split-image and ground glass focusing screen with Fresnel condenser. Instant-return mirror.
Auto-stop on film advance. Film advance and shutter inter-linked for double and blank exposure prevention. Film advance lever sets shutter. Film speed setting: 12 - 33 DIN, 12 - 1600 ASA.
Interchangeable focusing screens. Depth-of-field preview button on camera body.


  • f4, 135 mm Super-Dynarex, automatic iris diaphragm to f22. Depth-of-field scale. Focus to 5 feet. Built-in lens hood. Lens cap. Serial no. 6984231.
  • Meter pentaprism. Scaled with shutter speeds and film speed: 25 - 1600 ASA; 15 - 33 DIN.
  • Waist-level finder.
  • Bellows Unit. Scale in millimetres, the extension is between 49 and 137 mm.
  • Extension tubes, 1:1, 1:2. Automatic diaphragm operation.
  • UV filter in plastic case.
  • Ever-ready case. Outfit case for camera, lenses and accessories.

The Icarex was a rather basic camera to introduce in 1966, the option of a through-the-lens (TTL) meter head was an improvement but the offering was not compelling when compared with competing cameras from Japan. The Icarex was recognition by Zeiss that their amateur 35 mm camera, the Contaflex, was reaching the end of its life due to its limited range of accessories and leaf shutter and that their professional camera, the Contarex, had not achieved much market share. The Icarex was designed to fill the gap and compete with the Japanese cameras, it may have done so had it been introduced a few years earlier.

The original model was the Icarex 35 with bayonet mount lenses, a few years later a 35S was introduced with a fixed prism and TTL (stop down) metering, both models were then available with a bayonet or 42 mm screw lens mount. An interchangeable TTL prism was sold for the model 35 which was then styled 35CS. With a pentaprism the Icarex 35 cost 99.7.6, with the TTL prism it cost 136.9.6.

A full range of accessories was available including lenses, bellows unit, extension tubes and a microscope adapter.

Meter Pentaprism
The meter works in stop-down mode, the needle is aligned to a fixed point visible in the finder, the meter is not coupled to the shutter speed setting, the setting has to be transferred manually. The aperture setting is visible in the finder.

Code Names:
20.1055 - filter. 23.0215 - Outfit case.

References & Notes:
Blue-Book, 1968-69, p. 29.

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