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West Germany

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f2.8, 50 mm Tessar, automatic iris diaphragm to f22. Depth-of-field scale. Fixed lens with removable, bayonet mount, front cell for wide-angle or telephoto attachments. Serial no. 2784117 .

Synchro-Compur, speeds 1 - 1/500, B. Delayed action. X, M Flash synchronisation.

Metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film in cassette. Two Contax cassettes can be used or one standard cassette with re-wind.

Helical to 2.5 feet.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Roof pentaprism finder, split-image rangefinder and microprism on focusing screen with Fresnel condenser.
Auto-stop on film advance. Film advance tensions the shutter. Film advance and shutter inter-linked for double and blank exposure prevention.
Coupled selenium meter. Film speed setting: ASA 10 - 1300. Meter needle visible in view-finder and on top plate. The meter needle is set against an index by moving a wheel on the front of the camera which sets the aperture. Exposure counter. Interchangeable film magazine.

Serial Number:
R73648 .


  • f3.2, 35 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 16". Introduced 1962. Serial no. 3525633.
  • f3.2, 85 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 6'. With lens cap. Introduced 1957. Serial no. 4498413.
  • f4, 115 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 10'. With lens cap. Introduced 1962. Serial no. 3808842.
  • Pro-Tessar M 1:1 attachment. With front and rear lens caps. Case. Serial no. 2769237.
  • S27 size filters for 50 mm lens: UV, in case, box; Ikolor B 2.5x, in case; Ikolor C; Contapol polarizer, in leather case, instructions.
  • S49 size filters for 35 mm lens: G2 Yellow, in plastic case, box; GR2 Green.
  • S60 size filters for 85 mm lens: G Yellow; GR2 Green, in plastic case.
  • S67 size filters for 115 mm lens: UV; Ikolor C.
  • S27 lens cap. S27 rubber lens hood. S60 metal lens hood. S67 metal lens hood.
  • Proxars, push-on A28.5 size for 50 mm lens: 1m, 0.5 m, 0.3 m, 0.2 m, in cases and boxes.
  • Instruction book. Guarantee. Focusing tables for supplementary lenses.
  • Two interchangeable film magazines, 5 - 1300 ASA 6 - 33 DIN. One in case.
  • Right-angle finder.
  • Outfit case for 3 lenses, 3 S27 lens attachments, 1 49 mm filter, 1 60 mm filter, 1 67 mm filter and 1 magazine.
  • Universal outfit case for camera (with magazine back), 2 Pro-Tessar lenses, Monocular, 1 additional magazine, 3 lens hoods, proxars and filters. The third Pro-Tessar can be included if it is attached to the camera rather than the standard lens. Later versions of the case had red lining and elastic straps to hold either the old or new-style monocular. A large steel spring in the folding part of the case holds the neck strap.
  • Ever-ready case. Box for camera.

The Pro-Tessar M 1:1 was available in two different fittings for either early or later computations of the prime 5 cm lens, the change occurred in the early 1960s.

Code Names:
1053 - Lens cap. 1109 - Rubber lens hood. 909/1 - 1m Proxar. 909/0.5 - 0.5 m Proxar. 909/0.3 - 0.3 m Proxar. 909/0.2 - 0.2 m Proxar. 23.0202 - Outfit case. 20.0302 - Interchangeable magazine. 20.7855 - Magazine case. 383 - S49 filters. 357 - Green filter. 1132 - S60 hood. 23.0206 - Universal outfit case.

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