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West Germany

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f2.8, 50 mm Tessar, automatic iris diaphragm to f22. Depth-of-field scale. Fixed lens with removable, bayonet mount, front cell for wide-angle or telephoto attachments. Serial no. 2784117 .

Synchro-Compur, speeds 1 - 1/500, B. Delayed action. X, M Flash synchronisation.

Metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film in cassette. Two Contax cassettes can be used or one standard cassette with re-wind.

Helical to 2.5 feet.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Roof pentaprism finder, split-image rangefinder and microprism on focusing screen with Fresnel condenser.
Auto-stop on film advance. Film advance tensions the shutter. Film advance and shutter inter-linked for double and blank exposure prevention.
Coupled selenium meter. Film speed setting: ASA 10 - 1300. Meter needle visible in view-finder and on top plate. The meter needle is set against an index by moving a wheel on the front of the camera which sets the aperture. Exposure counter. Interchangeable film magazine.

Serial Number:
R73648 .


  • f3.2, 35 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 16". Introduced 1962. Serial no. 3525633.
  • f3.2, 85 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 6'. With lens cap. Introduced 1957. Serial no. 4498413.
  • f4, 115 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 10'. With lens cap. Introduced 1962. Serial no. 3808842.
  • Pro-Tessar M 1:1 attachment. With front and rear lens caps. Case. Serial no. 2769237.
  • S27 size filters for 50 mm lens: UV, in case, box; Ikolor B 2.5x, in case; Ikolor C; Contapol polarizer, in leather case, instructions.
  • S49 size filters for 35 mm lens: G2 Yellow, in plastic case, box; GR2 Green.
  • S60 size filters for 85 mm lens: G Yellow; GR2 Green, in plastic case.
  • S67 size filters for 115 mm lens: UV; Ikolor C.
  • S27 lens cap. S27 rubber lens hood. S60 metal lens hood. S67 metal lens hood.
  • Proxars, push-on A28.5 size for 50 mm lens: 1m, 0.5 m, 0.3 m, 0.2 m, in cases and boxes.
  • Instruction book. Guarantee. Focusing tables for supplementary lenses.
  • Two interchangeable film magazines, 5 - 1300 ASA 6 - 33 DIN. One in case.
  • Right-angle finder.
  • Outfit case for 3 lenses, 3 S27 lens attachments, 1 49 mm filter, 1 60 mm filter, 1 67 mm filter and 1 magazine.
  • Ever-ready case. Box for camera.

The Pro-Tessar M 1:1 was available in two different fittings for either early or later computations of the prime 5 cm lens, the change occurred in the early 1960s.

Code Names:
1053 - Lens cap. 1109 - Rubber lens hood. 909/1 - 1m Proxar. 909/0.5 - 0.5 m Proxar. 909/0.3 - 0.3 m Proxar. 909/0.2 - 0.2 m Proxar. 23.0202 - Outfit case. 20.0302 - Interchangeable magazine. 20.7855 - Magazine case. 383 - S49 filters. 357 - Green filter. 1132 - S60 hood.

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