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Kine Exakta


Original Model

Ihagee Kamerawerk, Steenbergen & Co.



Image of Kine Exakta Original Model

f2.8, 5 cm Zeiss Tessar, iris diaphragm to f22. Bayonet mount. Serial no. 1913706 (1936).

Focal-plane, speeds 12s - 1/1000, B, Z. Delayed action on speeds 1/10 - 6s. Speeds are regulated by delaying the second blind, low speeds, 1/10 - 12s run through a gear train. Flash synchronisation.

Leather covered metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm cine film held in special or standard cassettes.

Helical to 2' 6".

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Condenser with lightly ground lower surface for focusing. Magnifier in hood. Frame finder in hood.
Auto-stop on film advance coupled to shutter. Exposure counter. Film cutting knife.

Early model with round magnifier.

Serial Number:
482531 .


  • f5.5, 15 cm Tele-Megor, iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 2 metre. Chrome plated brass barrel. With lens hood. Serial no. 930414.
  • f5.5, 18 cm Tele-Megor, iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 2.5 metre scale to 3 metre. Chrome plated brass barrel. With lens hood. Serial no. 901694.
  • f5.5, 25 cm Tele-Megor, iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 3.3 metre. Chrome plated brass barrel. With lens hood. Serial no. 958260.
  • Carl Zeiss Herotar polarising filter. 32 mm fitting for 5cm lens. Serial no. 1517.
  • Extension tube B, 3 cm long. Extension tube 2.3 cm long. Pair of attachment rings, to fit extension tubes.
  • Braided neck strap by Ihagee. Ever-ready case.
  • Instruction book. "Kine Exakta" - brochure on the camera, 17pp, d. 1937.

The Kine was the first 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR), in form the Kine is more or less an Exakta 127 scaled to take 35 mm cine film, the mechanism though is totally different and much more complicated. Despite the film size being much smaller the overall camera size is about the same as the 127 models.

Although the Kine introduced no unique features it is a landmark in camera history. The combination of 35 mm film, reflex viewing, interchangeable lens and focal-plane shutter started a class of camera that lasted up to the electronic age. The camera itself, though, was not imitated; the mechanism for the slow speeds and delayed action had to be placed each side of the top plate and the Kine took on a left-handed aspect. This basic arrangement remained throughout the many Exakta models that were to follow. Most subsequent 35 mm SLRs derived their layout from the Praktiflex of 1939 and the post-war Contax S.

The price with an f2.8 Tessar was 38.10.0.

Extension Tubes
The attachment rings allow screw thread attachments such as extension tubes to fit the bayonet mount of the camera. An extension tube of 2.3 cm length is not listed in the Exakta catalogue.

By 1937 lenses and accessories listed for the Kine Exakta were:
f3.5, 58 mm Exaktarf1.9, 75 mm Primoplan
f3.5, 58 mm Primotarf2.8, 105 mm Trioplan
f3.5, 50 mm Xenarf4.5, 120 mm Trioplan
f2.8, 50 mm Xenarf4.5, 120 mm Tessar
f3.5, 50 mm Tessarf5.5, 150 mm Tele-Megor
f2.8, 50 mm Tessarf5.5, 180 mm Tele-Megor
f2, 50 mm Xenonf6.3, 180 mm Tele-Tessar
f2, 50 mm Biotarf5.5, 250 mm Tele-Megor
f1.9, 58 mm Primoplanf6.8, 38 mm Meyer Wide Angle Anastigmat

  • Extension tubes A (5 mm) and B (30 mm), these are used in conjunction with bayonet to screw converters for the camera and lens.
  • Extension hood to finder.
  • Microscope adapter.
  • Supplementary (close-up) lens.
  • Filters: Yellow (Light 2x, Medium 4x, Deep 6x); Yellow-Green (Light 2x, Medium 3x); Green 4x; Blue 2x; Red 8x; Polarising.
  • Flashlight synchroniser.
  • Lens hoods.
  • Ball and socket tripod head.
  • Kine-Exakta Lumimax enlarger, this uses the camera lens.

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Further Information:
Aguila, Rouah, Exakta Cameras. Londen, Peter, Ihagee - The Men and the Cameras.

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