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Pentacon Six TL

c. 1968

Kombinat VEB Pentacon


German Democratic Republic

Image of Pentacon Six TL

f2.8, 80 mm Bm, FAD iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 1 m. Depth-of-field scale and pre-view lever. Breech lock mount. Serial no. 8562940 .

Focal-plane, speeds 1 - 1/1000, B. Coax flash connection. Delayed action.

Leatherette covered metal body.

12, 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 roll-film or 24 on 220.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Interchangeable, waist-level finder, ground glass screen with condenser and split-image range-finder. Magnifier. Frame finder in hood.
Auto-stop on film advance. Film advance tensions the shutter. Lever-wind.


  • f4, 50 mm Flektogon. FAD iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 1.7 feet. Depth-of-field scale and pre-view lever. Lens cap, rear cap. Box. Serial no. 8417114.
  • f2.8, 180 mm Zeiss S. FAD iris diaphragm to f32. Focus to 5.5 feet. Depth-of-field scale and pre-view lever. Tripod socket. Lens hood, cap, rear cap. Box. Serial no. 8423624.
  • f4, 300 mm Meyer Orestegor. Pre-set iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 12 feet. Depth-of-field scale. Tripod socket. Lens hood, cap, rear cap. Box. Serial no. 5091673.
  • Pentaprism.
  • TTL Meter Pentaprism. Film speed: 9 - 33 DIN, 6 - 1600 ASA. Shutter speed: 1 - 1/1000. Aperture: f2 - f32. Box.
  • Magnifying hood. Eyesight adjustment. Box.
  • Right-angle Finder. Eyesight adjustment.
  • Focusing Magnifier 2.7x. Box.
  • Eye Cup. Box.
  • Accessory shoe. This fits around the eyepiece of the pentaprism.
  • Focusing screen with cross hairs and ground screen.
  • Bellows Unit. Extension of 20 - 100 mm. Box.
  • Extension Tube Set. Comprising: 15, 22.5, 30 and 60 mm tubes. Automatic diaphragm operation. Box.
  • Lens reversing tube. Box.
  • Focus rack. 70 mm movement. Box.
  • Double Cable Release.
  • Ever-ready case.
  • Instruction books: Pentacon Six (English); Pentacon Six (German); Focus Slide; Equipment for Close-up Photography.
  • Brochures: "Pentacon Six"; "Pentacon Interchangeable Lenses"; "Pentacon Accessories".
  • Price List: 1/2/69; 1/11/71; 1/5/73.

The Pentacon Six (c. 1966) was a development of the Praktisix introduced in 1955, there were steady improvements made throughout the period and there are many minor changes in style and finish. Following the example shown here the lens barrel and breech lock ring were blackened.

The TTL Meter Pentaprism is provided with an on/off switch, a view-finder baffle and a meter needle indicator on the top of the unit which is visible in the finder. There are also settings for film speed, shutter speed and aperture. It was generally used in stop-down mode, after setting the shutter speed on both the camera and the meter the lens diaphragm could be altered to align the meter needle against an index. It could also be used in open aperture mode in which case the meter operation is independent of the camera, the meter needle is aligned to the index by altering the speed dial on the meter, suitable shutter speed and aperture pairs are then shown on the meter dials which are transferred to the camera and lens.

Other accessories available at the time included: 65, 120, 500 mm lenses and a 1000 mm mirror lens. Manual extension tubes. 10 mm intermediate ring with plunger. Reversing tube. Focusing screens. Pressure plate allowing glass plates to be used.

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