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f4.5, 7 1/10" Ross-Zeiss Tessar, iris diaphragm to f32. Serial no. 14558 .

Focal-plane, speeds 1/8 - 1/1000, T. Speeds varied by altering the slit width and a choice of two tension springs.

Leather covered body, leather bellows.

4" x 5" plates held in dark-slides.

Bellows. Double extension.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Full-size ground glass screen. Magnifier in hood with external lever.
Setting the shutter lowers the mirror where it locks, mirror raised by spring.
Spirit level. Revolving back. Removable lens panel.

Rising front.

Serial Number:
1029 .

Address on camera: Adams & Co. 24 Charing Cross Rd London WC.

Film pack adapter.

Folding Minex

The Folding Minex was made in two distinct models, a third model is illustrated in the earliest advertisements but was probably a prototype or artist impression.

  • Lazy tongs connecting the front standard to the rear of the camera.
  • Front standard connects to inner focusing frame.
  • Small focusing wheel, fixed to folding bed, moves inner focusing frame. Focusing wheel on the right-hand side when using the camera.
  • Shutter release on the left-hand side.

1914 model
  • No lazy tongs.
  • Large focusing wheel on right-hand side.
  • Cut out for focusing wheel pinion.
  • Double extension by a folding rack.
  • Loose flap between camera top and the folded bed.
  • Release on left-hand side.

1922 model
  • Release on right-hand side.
  • No flap.
  • Focusing wheel on left-hand side.
  • Later models (c. 1925/26) have a separate IBT selector lever.

When originally produced the Folding Minex was available in 3 " x 4 ", 4" x 5" and 6 " x 4 " sizes. Later (c. 1919) a 2 " x 3 " model was made, postcard and 10 x 15 cm sizes were added in the 1920s.

The Tropical model was introduced around 1920. The camera was normally sold with a film pack adapter rather than slides. Standard lenses are in sunken mounts either wood or leather covered, telephoto lenses are surface mounted. Cases made of crocodile were advertised from 1926.

A cloth sleeve in the focusing hood is connected by a cord to the mirror mechanism. As the mirror is released so the sleeve moves within the hood to block out light from the hood.

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