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Improved Artist Reflex

c. 1906

Tropical model

London Stereoscopic Co. Ltd



Image of Improved Artist Reflex

f6.8, 6" Goerz Series III, iris diaphragm to f64. Serial no. 235295 (c. 1908).

Kershaw focal-plane, speeds 1/16 - 1/800, T. Spring powered, adjustment by slit variation. Not self-capping.

Polished teak with brass binding and fittings. Green Russia leather bellows, hood and rear focusing hood.

3 " x 4 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows to 2 feet. Double extension.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Full-size ground glass screen.
The mirror and shutter are set separately, the release trips the mirror then the shutter, mirror raised by spring.
Revolving back.

Rising front.

Serial Number:
S129 .

Address on camera and film pack adapter: The London Stereoscopic Co. 106 & 108 Regent St. London. Address on lens leaflet includes 54 Cheapside.


  • Hooded focusing screen. 2 double dark-slides. Film pack adapter. Serial no. K833.
  • Spare lens panel. Isochromatic screen, 4x.
  • "Directions for using the Goerz Daylight loading Roll film holder" - pamphlet. "Focusing Lenses" - leaflet.
  • Fitted case with L.S.C. label, shipping label of the White Star Line ship Olympic, with key.

This is a Soho type reflex camera produced in 3 " x 4 ", 5" x 4" , 4 " x 6 " and stereo sizes. Production probably continued until after the beginning of World War I. A revolving mask was fitted to the finder around 1911. The tropical finish is most distinctive having bright green leather work. This is not a copy of the Marion Soho, there are a number of differences indicating that the camera was specially built for L.S.C. by Kershaw.

The shipping label is for the White Star liner Olympic sailing to Southampton on the 2nd August, for a state room.

References & Notes:
Kershaw shutter. BP 22698/1904. BJA 1907, p. 1240. BJA 1909, p. 983. BJA 1912, p. 944. BJA 1914, p. 987.

The name on the shipping label is J. Campbell Walker, this is probably for the Olympic sailing from New York arriving at Southampton on the 9 Aug 1913.

Auer, History, p.178.

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