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Shew Reflector

Popular Model

c. 1905

J.F. Shew & Co.



Image of Shew Reflector Popular Model

f6, c. 5" Aldis Anastigmat No. 2, iris diaphragm to f64. Serial no. 4887 .

Behind the lens two-blade, speeds 1/15 - 1/90 by adjusting spring tension.

Cloth covered mahogany body.

3 " x 4 " film pack or dark slides.

To 2 yards.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Full-size ground glass screen.
Reversing back.

Rising front.

Premo film pack adapter. Lens cap on cord.

The Shew Reflector appeared around 1897, the specification was similar to the example shown here except that the shutter was a cloth blind fitted behind the lens and a small focusing hood was fitted. As other models of the Reflector were introduced the original camera became known as the Popular. Around 1904 the shutter was changed to two metal plates operating behind the lens, about a year later the hood was made taller. At this time the name Delta started to be used. Later the body shape became more upright.

Cameras were produced in quarter-plate and 4" x 5". Several different lenses were available.

The shutter comprises two pivoted metal plates, when the mirror is set the two plates open to allow viewing, when the shutter is released the mirror rises and the two plates come together to end the exposure. When the mirror is set, by raising a lever on the side of the camera, the area between the mirror and the image plane is light-tight.

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