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f6.3, 5 " Zeiss Double Protar, iris diaphragm to f45. Combinable lens of two f12.5, 240 mm groups. Quick release bayonet mount. Serial no. 116467 116468 .

N&G two-blade pivoted return shutter. Speeds 1 - 1/64, B, T. Spring powered, pneumatic regulation.

N&G focal-plane, variable slit width, speeds 1/10 - 1/800. Self-capping. Variable slit width to regulate exposure.

Leather covered wood body, leather bellows.

3 " x 4 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows to 20" with combined lens, 15 feet with rear group. Double extension.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Full-size ground glass screen. Magnifier in hood.
Mirror trips and is raised by spring, manually returned to viewing position. The mirror is split horizontally and folds as it is raised, allowing shorter focus lenses to be used.
'T' levels. Revolving back.

Rising front.

Serial Number:
SRDL2183 .

Address on changing box and Mackenzie-Wishart back: 90 - 92 Shaftesbury Av.


  • 2 double dark-slides (1/2, 9/10). Frame to fit between camera and dark-slide.
  • Changing box ( No. 4154), with 10 plate holders and pressure slide.
  • Single metal slide adapter by N&G.

The camera is a development of the Square Reflector of 1904, to which a front shutter has been added. N&G made front shuttered reflexes experimentally in 1902 and later, in 1910, a modified Square Reflector was fitted with a front shutter. From these the Two Shutter Reflex was developed commercially.

The controls are interlinked to ensure both shutters are not operated at the same time. A 5" x 4" version was introduced in 1912. At 45.0.0 it was an expensive camera.

As this camera is now very rare it is unlikely that many were produced. A similar model was available without the focal-plane shutter.

References & Notes:
Two Shutter Reflex mechanism. BJA 1911, p. 87. BJA 1912, pp. 89, 693.

Further Information:
Another example was at the Kodak Museum in Harrow.

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