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R. B. Miral

Model C

c. 1901

Talbot & Eamer



Image of R. B. Miral Model C

f6.5, 6.05" Cooke Series III, iris diaphragm to f45. Serial no. 3601 .

T-P roller-blind, speeds 1/15 - 1/100.

Leather covered wood body.

3 " x 4 " plates held in double dark-slides.

To 9 feet.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Full-size ground glass screen.
Reversing back.

Rising front with pleated leather between lens area and frame.

Serial Number:
2105 .

1 double dark-slide. Lens cap on cord.

Miral was a name given to a range of single-lens reflexes from Talbot & Eamer. The camera first appeared in the late 1890s, the company then being in Blackburn. These models had a roller-blind shutter just behind the lens in front of the mirror. The camera had an oblong shape and, as the back was not the reversing type, had a 'landscape' format. The double dark-slides or changing box were held internally. The Reversing Back Miral (R B.) appeared around 1901, the plate holders were now external. The R. B. was produced in two versions B and C, the C seems to have an improved shutter. Later Mirals were of the conventional (Soho) shape. Production probably ceased in the late 1900s. A number of different lenses were fitted and as well as the quarter-plate a 4" x 5" model was made. The price was 10.7.0.

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