- Antique and Vintage Cameras

Serial Numbers

N&G Nydia

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
Box 5012174WrayP 18/3/81, 1
Box 156Changing box Nydia 163
18043529ZeissC 17/7/01, 394Box 236. Back lens 42725, supplied 1900
18343521ZeissC 11/12/02, 63Box 243. Back lens: 42734, supplied 1900
Box 188C 8/7/82, 10
19959027RossC 10/7/97Box 280
22059456RossC 8/7/82, 10With backs: 188, 493, 980
22412264WrayBox 317
Box 236C 17/7/01, 394
Box 243C 11/12/02, 63
2757315BeckC 11/5/89, 89
Box 276
Box 280C 10/7/97
Box 317
342C 14/1/99, 303
3477327BeckChanging box 452
44661483RossStereo. Changing box 558
46359749RossC 10/11/88, 164
48659736RossC 10/9/92, 372
Box 493C 8/7/82, 10
Box 551Changing box Nydia 453
Box 572Changing box Nydia 179
Box 60464376RossC 1/5/80, 190Magnalium mount. Spirit level on finder.
Tilt to box. Black sheath. No step to box.
635Self-capping ModelHalf-plate
Box 677Changing box Nydia 1050
Box 698
Box 802Changing box Nydia 422
82562647RossC 16/3/95, 358
82662651RossC 19/3/98, 437
82863077RossC/Back 1033
83263134RossBonhams 17/1/97, 16
8783133AldisC 8/7/93, 478
88763534RossTheft from N&GWith back: 1106.
90062809RossHalf-Plate. C/box 982. Alumin. lens mount
9207272BeckFlints 5/20
94363899RossC 20/9/90, 267Also described as 1068 (pos. the box no.)
Magnalium mount
Box 950Theft from N&G.9 x 12cm
975C 5/11/92, 319
Box 980C 8/7/82, 10
Box 994Theft from N&G9 x 12cm
Box 995Theft from N&G9 x 12cm
Box 996Theft from N&G9 x 12cm
Box 99765992RossBonhams 17/1/97, 17
Box 998Theft from N&G9 x 12cm
102254616ZeissChanging box no.
Box 1042Theft from N&G9 x 12cm
Box 1043Theft from N&G9 x 12cm
Box 1044Theft from N&G9 x 12cm
104961353RossNumber 1266 on changing box
Box 105660549RossC 21/5/81, 78Step to box. Black sheath.
106466322RossC 14/11/91, 312
Box 1070Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1071Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1106Theft from N&G
Box 1187Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1266
Box 1270Theft from N&G
Box 1271Theft from N&G
Box 1272Theft from N&G
Box 1274Theft from N&G5" x 4"
Box 1275Theft from N&G5" x 4"
Box 1282Changing box Nydia 1050
Box 1286Theft from N&G
Box 1290Theft from N&G
Box 1294Theft from N&G
Box 1295Theft from N&G
Box 1296Theft from N&G
Box 1297Theft from N&G
Box 1298Theft from N&G
Box 1299Theft from N&G
Box 1300Theft from N&G
Box 1301Theft from N&G
Box 1302Theft from N&G
Box 1303Theft from N&G
Box 1326Theft from N&G
Box 1327Theft from N&G
Box 1372Theft from N&G
Box 1375Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1376Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1377Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1378Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1379Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1380Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1381Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1382Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1383Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1384Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1385Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1386Theft from N&GRussia
Box 1387Theft from N&G
Box 1388Theft from N&G
Box 1389Theft from N&G
Box 1390Theft from N&G
Box 1391Theft from N&G
Box 1392Theft from N&G
Some of these numbers are taken from catalogues, it is not always clear if the camera or changing box number has been given. The theft from N&G took place in mid 1908. 'Russia' indicates Russia leather bellows.

N&G Trellis

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
T115101284RossC 17/7/01, 469. 18/1/96, 469
T11699689RossC 17/7/01, 400
T119Flints 11/20
T125C 15/7/99, 131
T13978024RossC 12/1/89, 247N&S shutter
T148WestLicht 12/2010
T171C 11/12/02, 62Excelsior shutter
T180Toovey 5/2019

Dallmeyer (Early)

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
19039DallmeyerStereo sliding box
1003340DallmeyerStereo sliding box
131DallmeyerStereo sliding box
1413895DallmeyerC 7/4/83, 224. 16/9/82, 151Stereo sliding box
1984202DallmeyerC 27/5/82, 52Stereo sliding box
2014332DallmeyerC 3/5/84, 239Stereo sliding box. Non stereo lenses
2544046DallmeyerFlints 10/2018Stereo
279Oxford Sci. Mus.Sliding Box
3747108DallmeyerBonhams 10/5/2005, 132Stereo sliding box
4646656DallmeyerStereo Wet-plate Camera
48910073DallmeyerC 14/1/99, 299Stereo sliding box
55238531DallmeyerWestlich 11/2018Stereo sliding box
5604224Dallmeyerwestlict 11/2016Stereo sliding box. Triple Achromatic lenses
5647332DallmeyerC 14/1/88, 220Wet-plate
6765729DallmeyerC 14/11/91, 300Sliding Box
761C 12/5/00, 366
94025155DallmeyerC 24/11/94, 135Stereo sliding box
9808972DallmeyerS 18/9/81, 287. C 15/5/92, 299. C 16/9/82, 222Miniature type
107816009DallmeyerC 18/8/83, 112Sliding Box Studio camera
111315174DallmeyerC 11/12/02, 130Stereo sliding box
118610556DallmeyerS 22/2/80, 164Miniature type
131813115DallmeyerC 3/10/96, 191Kinnear
1328C 5/3/81, 282Bellows wet-plate
147016466DallmeyerFlints 10/2018Stereo tailboard
198724420DallmeyerWestLicht 11/07Tailboard
2160C 14/1/93, 367Transitional
834554273DallmeyerC 12/3/1992, 1251/4 pl detective 5.25" RR
846645020DallmeyerC 11/12/02, 116'1882' style
852059052DallmeyerC 17/3/1994, 405No.1 Stigmatic series IIIa
854057056DallmeyerHand Camera
858958298DallmeyerHand Camera
8922C 15/5/1992, 300Hand Camera

Dallmeyer Speed V.P.

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
D105113502DallmeyerC 9/5/91, 250
D132103414DallmeyerC 26/11/81, 328
D157103749DallmeyerC 9/7/81, 304
D188104014DallmeyerC 11/5/89, 245
D217104219DallmeyerSAS 10/20, 294
D227104229DallmeyerC 20/9/90, 164, C 10/7/97, 423
D235C 26/6/86, 242
D298104937DallmeyerC 20/2/97, 342
D321104927DallmeyerP 6/11/91, 377
D333105032DallmeyerC 14/9/89, 210, C 11/12/02, 72
D377P 6/11/91, 377
D397106623DallmeyerWith 6" Dallon 106117
D435105697DallmeyerC 11/5/89, 104
D499107108DallmeyerC 11/5/89, 104
D594C 11/4/85, 307
D639108021DallmeyerC 29/10/87, 216
D684C 1/80, 64
D698108281DallmeyerC 1/9/94, 284
D727109229DallmeyerC 18/11/98, 215
D778C 15/1/87, 362
D790110096DallmeyerC 25/11/93, 352
D800110093DallmeyerC 14/11/91, 182
D859C 5/12/85, 72
D861DallmeyerAstons 10/2018
D886C 19/9/85, 158
D893107921RossPeter LoyThis camera has a Ross lens and carries the Newman & Guardia name, it is not marked Dallmeyer
D935SAS 6/2016No lens

Dallmeyer Speed 2 ½" x 3 ½"

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
DS119107088DallmeyerP 24/10/84, 46
DS126107093DallmeyerSAS 11/2017
DS135107094DallmeyerC 13/5/98, 56
DS143107182DallmeyerC 29/9/88, 173, C 6/5/93, 425
DS165107337DallmeyerC 14/3/91, 220
DS170107179DallmeyerC 6/9/05, 366
DS178C 26/6/86, 410
DS204107618DallmeyerC 17/7/01, 399, C 19/8/82, 269
DS212109435DallmeyerC 25/11/93, 347
DS219C 11/4/85, 54, C 20/7/95, 402Or D219
DS258109710DallmeyerC 11/5/89, 127
DS267109574DallmeyerC 19/5/88, 109
DS325113581DallmeyerC 15/5/06, 291
DS329116840DallmeyerC 15/11/90, 217
DS340111505DallmeyerC 30/7/92, 335
DS358113577DallmeyerC 28/8/97, 376
DS416134531DallmeyerC 20/8/98, 393

Dallmeyer Speed 3 ¼" x 4 ¼"

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
SDS122C 17/1//85, 138

Dallmeyer Dual

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
D101153126DallmeyerC 19/3/87, 6
D125143365DallmeyerC 17/7/01, 346
D154143852DallmeyerC 11/3/93, 312
D187144485DallmeyerC 15/2/05, 213
D271C 1/80

Dallmeyer Speed Reflex

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
116179DallmeyerChristie's Cat. 25/11/93 lot 350
159121438DallmeyerWestLicht 5/09
164134793DallmeyerBaby Speed Reflex
166134786DallmeyerBonhams 12/5/09, 508
169116177DallmeyerBaby Speed Reflex
176134788Dallmeyer Roddick 12/2018


No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
A486Envelope Adapter
E1112Ensign Roll-film Reflex
1172Popular Ensignette
1953Vest Pocket Ensign
220867058TTHEnsign Focal Plane Camera
2781Ensign Roll-film Reflex 2 ¼B
D4098No. 6 Watch Pocket Carbine
D5561393593ZeissNo. 12 Watch Pocket Carbine
K8366255927RossSelfix 12-20 Special
E16499No. 4 Ensign Carbine
E17618954743ZeissNo. 12 Watch Pocket Carbine
E20705145342DallmeyerSuper Speed Cameo
H594 1911Ensignette No 1
1127Ensignette No 1
323598490TTHEnsignette No 1
3363Ensignette No 2
4039Ensignette No 2
4696100545TTHEnsignette No 1
5490Ensignette De Luxe
6897Ensignette No 2
9867Ensignette No 1
P18441Ensignette No 1
4845574767TTHEnsignette De Luxe
5670AEnsignette No 1
A6592168181ZeissEnsignette No 1
A6716Ensignette De Luxe
A6956168231ZeissEnsignette No 1
A8687Ensignette No 2C
A44705147Autorange 220
A5951147051Autorange 220A5951 is on shutter, K18797 is on body
K8524Autorange 220. Ensar 129930
K18797147051Autorange 220A5951 is on shutter, K18797 is on body
J7172Ensign Selfix '20'
G12838Ensign Selfix '20'
J19234Ensign Selfix '20'
H210531754706ZeissMultex, Multar lens
H21186139111RossFlints 11/2018. Astons 3/2019Multex. Not marked Model 0
H21315Astons 7/2019Multex Model O
H21484125009Multex, Multar lens
H21569125010RossBarron saleMultex
H21714 Astons 3/2019Multex. f3.5 Multar
H21762Astons 7/2019Multex Model O
H25219131643Autorange - 20
C16541335Ensign Commando
C22232256Ensign Commando
C60815323Ensign Commando
C654210162Ensign Commando
Includes Houghtons, Ensign, Houghton-Butcher, Houghton-Butcher Mfg., Barnet-Ensign, Ross Ensign.

Soho, Kershaw

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
RF15C 11/12/02, 76Keros
RF22C 11/12/02, 77Keros
R57Changing box Tropical Sanderson 20740
S129235295GoerzImproved Artist Reflex
K237Film pack adapter Tropical Sanderson 20740
M42999063RossStereo Tropical Soho
M490Changing box Stereo Tropical Soho M429
M591Changing box Soho Reflex M1312
K833Film pack adapter Improved Artist Reflex S129
R96297912RossStereo Tropical Reflex
M1312502829GoerzSoho Reflex
M152341250AldisStereo Soho
M1561Has date ? of 28/11/13 on inside of mirror box
K205895262ZeissDainty Soho Reflex
M215470724RossC 15/5/92, 336Stereo Trop. Reflex. 6.8 5" Homocentric
M216098512RossReflex. Xpres lens
K2483Film pack adapter Stereo Tropical Reflex R962
M3068123582DallmeyerC 11/12/02, 82Naturalist Trop. Reflex
K3516Film pack adapter Stereo Tropical Soho M429
M3692159789DallmeyerC 11/12/02, 79Soho Reflex
M3703113134RossDainty Soho Reflex
K3908Film pack adapter Keros RF8
K5044Film pack adapter Dainty Soho Reflex M3703

Thornton-Pickard Shutters

No.CameraDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
X00652Original Model, 2nd versionFocal-plane
X07724Early Model
Y10635Snap Shot
P44083Snap Shot
D44311Late model
Q48314Aluminium Model
57316EOriginal Model, 2nd versionFocal-plane
R59127Late model
77212YSnap Shot
79473Model with capping flap
84117Late Model
C94372Snap Shot
R96659Stereo T&I


No.Source (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
121Auer CamerasRobinson. Round finder. Early shutter. Hook body catch. No corner pieces. Straps. Rod handle. No cover to shutter spring.
149Chiswick 10/20Robinson. Hook body catch. 4 corner pieces. Factory modified for daylight roll-film.
219C 11/12/02, 112Robinson. Round finder. Early shutter. Hook body catch. No corner pieces. Rod handle.
280S 19/5/83, 297Robinson. Round finder. Early shutter. Hook body catch.
282Lothrop, CenturyRobinson. Round finder. Early shutter. Hook body catch. No corner pieces. Straps. Rod handle. No cover to shutter spring.
336Robinson. Square finder. Early shutter. Hook body catch. No corner pieces. Focusing model.
352C 5/12/85, 269Robinson. Square finder. Early shutter. Size 3. Hook body catch. No corner pieces. Straps. Rod handle.
42517/1/97, 8Robinson. Late shutter. Hook body catch. 3 speed shutter. 4 corner pieces at back. Straps. Rod handle. No cover to shutter spring.
486LuzoRobinson. Late shutter. Hook body catch. Straps. Rod handle. No cover to shutter spring. Round finder.
513C 12/1/95, 403Robinson. Late shutter. Hook body catch. 4 corner pieces at back. Straps.
528C 16/9/82, 228R&G.
553C 13/1/94, 235
567Robinson. Hook body catch. Corner pieces, front and back.
573LuzoRobinson. Late shutter. Hook body catch. Corner pieces at back. Straps. Rod handle. No cover to shutter spring.
585Hook body catch. No corner pieces. Straps.
605B 29.5.2002, 405R&G, Corner pieces on back, L-pieces at top front. Hook body catches. 2nd type shutter. Frame counter.
617P 18/3/81, 9R&G
623Bonhams 9/1/92, 591aHook body catch. Corner pieces at front.
654Hasbroeck Exhibition Cat.Diaphragm.
664C 10/11/88, 168H.J. Redding & Co. (later label). Late shutter. Hook body catch. No corner pieces. Straps.
668R&G. Late shutter. Straps, no corner pieces. Hook body catch. Rod handle. Cover to shutter spring.
694VintageR&G. Late shutter. Hinge body catch. Corner pieces. Plate handle. Cover to shutter spring. Diaphragm. Tripod socket.
708C 27/5/82, 222Robinson. 4 corner pieces. Straps. Rod handle.
734Flints 10/2019, Mander 8/2018Robinson. Straps, no corner pieces, rod film advance, late catches to front.
735LuzoRobinson. Late shutter. Hinge body catch. No corner pieces at back. Straps. Rod handle. No cover to shutter spring.
792C 24/11/94, 315; C 18/8/83, 148R&G. Late shutter. Hinge body catch. No corner pieces. Straps. Cover to shutter spring.
795C 19/9/85, 292R&G. Square finder. Late shutter. Size 2. Hinge body catch. No corner pieces. Rod handle. Cover to shutter spring.
836Square finder. Late shutter. Plate model.
859B 12/2010Robinson. Corner pieces at rear. No over to shutter spring. Rod handle. 6 x 6 cm
878C 19/9/85, 18Robinson. Hinge body catch. No corner pieces. Straps. Rod handle.
912Robinson. Hinge body catch. No corner pieces. Straps. No cover to shutter spring. Single speed shutter. Rod handle.
920C25/7/96, 553Robinson. Corner pieces at front. Straps. Plate handle. Tripod socket.
937SAS 4/2019Robinson. 4 corner pieces, no cover to shutter spring.
954Vintage, 1976 cat.R&G. 6 corner pieces. Rod handle.
959VintageR&G. Square finder. Late shutter. Hinge body catch. Size 2. 6 corner pieces. Rod handle. Cover to shutter spring. Diaphragm.
978LuzoR&G. Late shutter. Hinge body catch. 6 corner pieces. Straps. Plate handle. Cover to shutter spring. Frame counter.
987VintageR&G. 4 corner pieces, no shutter guard, plate type film advance
1022C 5/11/92, 306R&G. No corner pieces.
1029C 21/6/84, 137R&G. 6 corner pieces. Straps. Plate handle.
1032? C 1/12/83, 451R&G. Frame counter.
1053Breker 9/2019R&G. 6 corner pieces, diaphragm, speeded shutter, no cover to shutter spring, plate handle.
1095Breker 10/2015R&G. Hinge body catch. 6 corner pieces. Diaphragm. Cover to shutter spring. 3 speed shutter. Plate handle.
1140R&G. Hinge body catch. 6 corner pieces. Cover to shutter spring. 3 speed shutter. Plate handle. Large frame counter. Tripod sockets.
1158C 20/11/97, 225R&G. 6 corner pieces. Rod handle. Diaphragm. Tripod socket.
1189Breker 9/2019R&G. Straps, 6 corner pieces, doors in base, speeded shutter.
1197Robinson. Square finder. Plate handle. Odd adaptation of a Luzo with a front section added focusing and aperture adjustment.
1201VintageR&G. Square finder. Late shutter. Hinge body catch. Size 3. 6 Corner pieces. Plate handle. Cover to shutter spring. Diaphragm. Tripod sockets. Modified position for film advance knob, early red window in centre blocked off, later red window at top right. Doors to spool chambers.
1217Bonhams 18/3/98, 1696 corner pieces. Tripod socket.
1238R&G. Late shutter, 3 speed. Cover to shutter spring. Plate film advance handle. 6 corner pieces. Aperture selector. Film advance indicated by counter. Two tripod sockets. No doors in bottom to load film. Film punch. No red window.
1257R&G. Corner pieces. Diaphragm.
1269R&G. Late shutter, 3 speed. Plate handle. 6 corner pieces. Tripod socket. Cover to shutter spring. Red window for film advance. Doors to spool chambers. Hinged panel on camera front.
1301C 24/11/94, 326R&G. 6 corner pieces. Frame counter. Diaphragm. Shutter plate. Without straps.
1304C 14/1/88, 318R&G. Size 3. Late shutter. Plate handle. 6 corner pieces. Tripod socket. Cover to shutter spring. Diaphragm. Film-winding ratchet inside camera. Red window for film advance. Doors on bottom to access spools.
1318P 27/10/82, 84R&G. 6 corner pieces. Plate handle. Tripod socket.
1319C 11/12/02, 113R&G. Corner pieces. Plate handle. Cover to shutter spring.
1323WestLich 10/2011, 505Redding, late metal plaque, 3 Argyll pl. 6 corner pieces. Aperture selection. 3 speed shutter. Cover to shutter spring. Tripod socket. Doors to spool chambers. Plate handle on film advance (original click mechanism removed). Red window for film advance.
1324C 24/4/86, 159R&G.
1330Breker 3/2014R&G, ivory name plaque, 3 Argyll pl. 6 corner pieces. 3 speed shutter. Cover to shutter spring. Plate handle on film advance (original click mechanism removed) Hinged front panel.
For an explanation of Luzo variations see Luzo models.

Newman Sinclair Reflex

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
01C 17/3/88, 114
6C 15/5/06, 283
2818709Ross-ZeissC 11/12/02, 65
3316711Ross-ZeissC 27/7/89, 360
5364996RossC 21/7/94, 363
6916990Ross-ZeissC 24/11/94, 310With Ross 75898
72C 18/10/00, 9
9016263Ross-ZeissC 14/9/04, 351With Ross tele 75894
10417271Ross-ZeissSAS 3/2018
11117433Ross-ZeissWith Bis-Telar 204992
12017687Ross-ZeissC 29/9/88, 269
12217689Ross-ZeissC 7/7/83, 39With Bis-Telar 204994
14114650Ross-ZeissC 13/1/94, 370
15018019Ross-ZeissNS Patent ReflexWith Tele 75239
15118021Ross-ZeissC 29/8/96, 391
231C 20/7/95, 311?


No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
458Frena Changing Mechanism
4215C 11/5/89, 176De Luxe, old style handle.
4963C 23/11/00, 318De Luxe, old handle old style front.
4964Presentation Frena No. 2
5909Presentation Frena No. 2
10903Frena No 2
11527WestLicht 05/10De Luxe, new style handle. Model 22.
11682WestLicht 12/09De Luxe, old style handle.
11715C 16/11/04, 323De Luxe, old style handle. With a letter d. 1905
13233C 23/11/00, 317De Luxe, model 22 setting on face plate below lens.
14008C 10/5/90, 85De Luxe, bar handle, new front.
14108Eastman collectionNo. 3
16403Folding Frena
16415WestLicht 12/09Folding
18253C 10/1/91, 163De Luxe, bar handle. With plate around finders and lens.
19511F.O.P. Frena
28783C 21/8/80, 47De Luxe, bar style handle. Later front panel.
29221C 17/9/02, 298ADe Luxe, bar handle. With plate around finders and lens.


No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
19632747Non-original covering
19763515C 11/12/02, 5; Westlicht 6/2016Pigskin, in box
19862071Pigskin, Lumax
19922260SAS 1/7/2015, 381Pigskin
19992196Pigskin ?
20542141C 19/2/02, 232Pigskin
21604073C 19/9/91, 325Pigskin
22332303C 31/8/95, 312Pigskin, with shutter release surround
22552272Pigskin, with shutter release surround
2279C 18/11/03, 623Pigskin
2298Breker 3/2012Pigskin, with shutter release surround
2302Pigskin with shutter release guard
23312477Black covered
23512115Astons 11/2019Pigskin
23812366C 12/1/95, 316Pigskin
24102268C 17/4/97, 179Pigskin
24152433Pigskin replaced
24732433Black, 1st version
24922406Black, 1st version
2512SAS 23/10/14Black, 1st version
25182831Black, 1st version
26043789Black, 1st version
26322645Black, 1st version
26732630Black, 1st version
26902522Black, 1st version
27542741Black, 1st version
27642539Black, 1st version
28332729Black, 1st version
28582848Astons 6/20
3030Black, 1st version
31243051C 18/4/96, 334Black top plate
31353054Flints 11/20
32153061Black, 1st version
32962995Black Type 1
33053207Black, 1st version
33462441Black, 1st version. Lumar 50 mm lens
33483044Black, 1st version
3368C 17/6/99, 53Black top plate
34103281C 18/11/03, 622Black top plate
34143176Black, name on body
3475A3606SAS 11/2013Black
34923735Flints 5/20
36103313Black, 1st version
36463699Black, 1st version
37793500Black, 1st version
3897Black, 1st version
39153870Black, 1st version
39553461Black, 1st version
5120253779Black 2nd version
512039Breker 3/10Black
5120484250C 11/3/03, 184Black top plate
5120543763Breker 9/2019
5120933497Black, 1st version (intermediate between 1st & 2nd types ?)
5130793912Black, 2nd version. Lumar 50 mm lens and Lumar f4/100mm No. 818117
513170Black, 2nd version
513179Black, 2nd version
514074Black, name on periscope
5141164202C 23/3/04, 55Black top plate

Corfield 66

No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
AA000032212161C 18/4/96, 559
AA000292212527Leatherette replaced
AA000992212970C 20/10/94, 413
AA001012212260C 19/3/98, 447
AA001182212194P 31/8/93, 147
AA001452212303SAS 11/2013
AA001492212201Corfield 66
AA001712212198C 11/3/93, 274
AA001912212186SAS 7/2016
AA002022212503Tennants 2/2017
AA002102212403C 10/7/97, 388
AA002262212535C 16/7/87, 364
AA00244Tennents 5/2011
AA00317SAS 5/2013
AA00332Bonhams 21/11/96, 74
AA00362C 16/8/84, 248
AA003702213045C 10/9/92, 468
AA00404C 11/3/93, 326
AA004132212885Chiswick 11/2019
AA004712212207SAS 10/20
AA004812213241Chiswick 11/2019
AA005132213080C 9/10/97, 183
AA005202212479C 1/9/94, 260
AA005942212120C 5/5/94, 290
AA006012212536C 5/11/92, 181
AA00603modified front for scientific work
AA006142212921C 11/5/89, 186
AA006762213082C 2/9/99, 247
AA006862213259C 20/7/95, 265
AA007132212136C /99
AA007592212596C 11/12/02, 7In box
AA007842213122C 5/11/92, 396
AA00792SAS 9/2014
AA008212212750C 19/3/87, 158
AA008382212914C 27/1/00, 366
AA008862212674C 7/3/96, 321
AA009202212664C 31/8/95, 435
AA009372212667C 13/7/00, 333
AA009502212701C 23/11/00, 314
AA009542212982C 7/5/87, 230
AA009912212487C 7/5/04, 303


No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
151187070WrayWrayflex I
151286838WrayI Shoe 3 flash sockets
1533204444WrayI Unilux
154590732WrayI Unilite
1552C 20/11/01, 390I
156892718 WrayIa f2 Unilite. Shoe 2 flash sockets
157092716WrayFlints 5/20. C 25/11/99, 419I
159298158WrayI Unilite
159694547WrayFlints 5/20. C 18/3/99, 113I Unilite
160290738WrayI Unilite
1606C 23/3/04, 80Ia Pin type flash
160894543WrayFlints 11/20. C 10/7/97, 178I
162595452WrayI Unilite. 2 flash socket
1639113607WrayI, Lustrar lens
1650C 8/6/00, 36I
1660238081WrayI Shoe
1690103197WrayI Unilite
1738100947WrayI Unilite Shoe
1750I Unilite No shoe 2 flash sockets
1754WrayFlints 6/20I Unilux
1758109024WrayIa f2 Unilite. Shoe 2 flash sockets
1775109001WrayI Unilux
1803172524WrayIa f2 Unilite. 2 flash sockets
1829109023WrayI Unilite
1875C 13/6/96, 56I
188698178WrayC 11/3/03, 192. Flints 4/18I
1892109015WrayI f2 lens, 2 flash sockets
1919I f2 Unilite
1920I Shoe 2 sockets
1929133655WrayI, 2 flash sockets
193098161WrayI f2 Unilite
1961C 11/6/02, 15I, 2 flash socket
197398162WrayI Unilite 2 flash sockets
1974C 11/6/02, 16I, 3 flash socket
1992C 14/9/04, 259
2019113997WrayFlints 10/2019I, Unilite, 2 flash sockets, shoe
2053111253WraySAS 7/2013Ia f2. 2 socket flash
2054182869WrayFlints 10/2019I, Unilux, 2 flash sockets
2104C 10/7/97, 195I
2116WrayWestLicht 11/2014Ia
2122C 17/7/01, 383Ia
2136C 20/8/98, 172I Shoe
2143C 13/7/00, 160I
2145WrayFlints 6/20I Unilite
2148121079WraySAS 23/10/14I 3 flash sockets
2151199505WrayI Unilux 3 flash sockets
2165I Shoe 3 flash sockets
2169C 19/2/02, 249I
2171116596WrayI f2 Unilite. 2 flash sockets
2191Unilite. 3 flash sockets
2222C 11/6/02, 17I, 3 flash socket
2291138481WrayWestlicht 5/2013Ia Unilite
233798191WrayFlints 5/20I Unilite
2351130650WraySAS 7/2016Ia Unilux
2381138482WrayFlints 10/2019Ia Unilux, 2 flash sockets, chrome shoe
238394539WrayAstons 3/20Ia Unilite
2395C 13/6/96, 57Ia
2398133659WrayIa Unilux No shoe
2401187720WrayI, Unilux
2427129963WrayIa Unilite
2429C 20/11/01, 389Ia
2434130796WrayIa Unilite. No shoe 2 flash sockets
2450107426WrayFlints 10/2019. C 23/3/04, 79Ia Unilite, 2 flash sockets
2486138463WrayWestLicht 11/2012Ia Unilux No shoe
2515C 17/7/01, 226Ia
2561152154WraySAS 23/10/14I 2 flash sockets
2579C 15/11/05, 250I
2583136047Wraywestlich 11/2015Ia Unilux
259190726WrayIa No shoe
2594136051WrayIa f2.8 Unilux No shoe 2 flash sockets
2659WrayIa Shoe
2683WrayFlints 6/20Ia Unilite
2691253972WrayWestLicht 5/2012Ia 35mm Lustrar
2714164908WrayIa Unilux 2 flash sockets
2732223636WrayFlints 10/2017Ia 2 flash sockets, f2 Unilite
2737199591WrayIa f2.8. No shoe
2780Ia 2 sockets, no shoe
2790149551WrayWestLicht 11/2012Ia Unilite. No shoe
2824WrayFlints 5/20Ia Unilite Shoe
2847WrayIa Shoe 2 flash sockets
2857WraySAS 11/2013I, 2 flash socket
2883Ia No shoe 2 flash sockets
2886C 18/11/03, 655Ia
2914214857WrayIa Unilite. No shoe
2925Ia Shoe
2946158529WraySAS 4/2019Ia Unilux, 2 flash sockets, no shoe
2952160098WrayIa Unilite. No shoe 2 flash sockets
2954C 20/11/01, 391Ia
2955158552WrayChiswick 5/2019Ia Unilux
2971Ia No shoe
2973109025WraySAS 4/2019Ia Unilite, 2 sockets, no shoe
2986Flint 9/2019Ia 2 sockets, no shoe
3030158541WrayIa Unilux
3034158547WrayIa Unilux. 2 flash sockets
3046Ia No shoe 2 flash sockets
3064WraySAS 5/2013Ia 2 flash socket
3112Ia With 90mm 109047, 35mm 174228
3139166617WrayIa f2 Unilite. No shoe
3148182878WrayWestLichtIa Unilux No shoe 2 flash sockets
3165121090WrayIa Unilite
3169160075WrayIa Unilite. No shoe 2 flash sockets
3184169456WrayIa Unilux, 2 flash sockets, shoe
3237160107WrayIa Unilite
3276176289WrayC 11/3/03, 192. Flints 4/18Ia No shoe 2 flash sockets
3295109009WrayFlints 5/20Ia Unilite No shoe
3309173608WraySAS 7/2018Unilux
3320176292WrayFlints 6/20Ia Unilux
3349152473WrayIa f2 Unilite. Shoe 2 flash sockets
3355146418WrayIa Unilite
3380Ia 2 flash sockets
3405172508WrayFlints 4/2019Ia Unilite
3406C 8/6/00, 37I
3417164972WrayIa 2 flash socket
3459187719WrayWestLicht 12/2010Ia Unilux
3508187817WrayIa 9cm Lustrar
3515C 15/11/05, 251Ia
3520Ia Shoe
3525203403WrayFlints 11/20Ia Unilite
3539193550WraySAS 11/2017Ia
3569193542WrayIa f2.8 lens. Shoe
3591200068WrayIa Shoe with 9 cm lens 119075
3595201149WrayIa Shoe
3603WrayIa f2.8 Unilux Shoe
3605Ia Shoe
3642172492WrayIa Shoe
3650201136WrayIa Shoe
3659193550C 13/7/00, 161Ia, shoe
366094540WrayIa Unilite. Shoe 2 flash sockets
3723200141WrayIa f2.8
3732200145WrayIa Shoe 2 flash sockets
3775204427WrayIa 2.8 lens. Shoe
3779194215WrayIa 35 mm Lustrar. Shoe
3791200001WrayIa Shoe 2 flash sockets
3801149559WrayWestLichtIa Unilite. Shoe 2 flash sockets
3819136073WrayIa Shoe
3826203431WrayIa f2 Unilite Shoe
3841278188WrayIa Unilux Shoe With Lustrar 35mm lens 123986
3855203445WrayIa Unilite. Shoe
3885WrayIa Shoe
3900223660WraySAS 11/2016Ia f2 Unilite
3908110090WrayFlints 1/20Ia
3983WraySAS 5/2013II
4004134813WrayFlints 5/20II Unilite
401788753WrayII Unilite
4049134785WrayFlints 5/20II Unilite
4053267013WraySAS 11/2013II f/3.5 35mm Lustrar
4058214873WrayFlints 10/2019II Unilite
4069203461WrayFlints 11/20II Unilite
4072274535WrayFlints 6/20II
4073173612WrayII f2.8 Unilux
4078203463WrayFlints 6/20II Unilite
4081WrayII f2
4090200067WrayFlints 4/2018II Unilite
4100158550WrayII 2.8 Unilux
4102214886Dinesh ParekhII 35mm 123989, 13.5mm 204415
4110203399WrayII Unilite
4114203395WraySAS 4/2019II Unilite
4173203459WrayWestLicht 12/2010II f3.5 35mm no.193367 Lustrar, f4 13,5cm no.187583
4193193543WrayFlints 10/2019II
4211249128WrayFlints 6/20II Unilite
4225149539WraySAS 11/2016II f2 Unilite
4228121104WrayII Unilite
4246146420WrayWestLicht 5/2012II Unilite
4248274531WrayII f2.8 Unilux
4255238078WrayII Unilux
4285C 23/3/04, 79Ia
4293C 18/11/03, 656Ia
4346251052WrayFlints 10/2017II Scientific SLR


No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
381696DallmeyerC 01/98Un-numbered. SuperSix
1093Flints 10/2019Daron
1004Un-numbered. Daron
1005PamphletUn-numbered. Daron
1006AP 18/04/51 p 377Un-numbered. Daron
1046WestLicht 25/5/2013Daron
347425DallmeyerSeptac lens
Un-numbered380535DallmeyerC 11/03SuperSix
Un-numbered383466DallmeyerC 92/07SuperSix
Un-numbered438729DallmeyerC 07/92
1104C 12/02Daron
5004463505DallmeyerC 09/90Septac
5006942C 11/96Daron
5010383472DallmeyerC 07/92SuperSix
5018383444DallmeyerC 06/02SuperSix
5025380526DallmeyerC 12/02SuperSix
5028388490DallmeyerC 06/02SuperSix
5033388495DallmeyerC 06/01SuperSix
50361059MCM 04/515036 ? Daron
5047380551DallmeyerTennants 02/2009SuperSix
5056386195DallmeyerRoseberys 09/2009SuperSix
50621062WestLicht 25/5/2013 Daron boxed
50651098Philips 91.05Daron boxed
5125388512DallmeyerChiswick 10/20Super Six lens
5126388498DallmeyerAP 10/06/53SuperSix
5179388483DallmeyerSAS 2/11/2017Super Six
5201380527DallmeyerSAS 2/11/2017Super Six
5243388478DallmeyerFlints 10/2019Super Six lens
52521070Flints 10/2019Daron
5269381709DallmeyerSuper Six lens

N&G Early Sibyl

N&G Later Sibyl

Universal, Square Reflector

N&G Folding Reflex

N&G Nydia N&G Trellis




Houghton (Ensign, H-B)

Soho Kershaw



Newman Sinclair Reflex


Periflex Corfield 66

Wrayflex Witness

Lenses -
Ross Dallmeyer

TTH Wray Beck Aldis

Ross-Zeiss Ross-Goerz

Carl Zeiss Goerz Meyer

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