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Focusing Magnifier

Image of Focusing Magnifier

Archimedean screw focusing, locking collar. Two, widely spaced elements.

This model is illustrated in the 1890 BJA in an advertisement of Perken Son & Rayment priced at 5/- and in the N&G catalogue priced at 10/6.

References & Notes:
BJA 1890, p. 81. N&G Cat. 1908, p. 147.

Focusing Magnifier

c. 1890

Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Ltd



Single lens.


The lens is mounted in a tube which pulls out for use. The focusing collar determines how far the tube can be pulled out. There is no lock. The price was 4/-.

References & Notes:
PA 1891, p. 371. Sinclair Cat, 1910, p. 95.

Focusing Magnifier

Sliding focusing, locking ring with arm.

This is possibly the Compound Focuser by Lancaster illustrated in the 1892 BJA. The price was 2/6.

References & Notes:
BJA 1892, p. 393.

Focusing Magnifier

Sliding focusing, two bi-convex elements.

Combined Magnifier and View-finder

Sliding focusing with lock, scale marked 2, 4, 6.

A foot indicates that this magnifier could be used as a view-finder. A ground glass diffuser was probably attached which is now missing. A similar magnifier is shown in the 1890 BJA from Perken Son & Rayment priced at 4/-.

References & Notes:
BJA 1890, p. 81. PA 1891, p. 369.

Focusing Magnifier

C.P. Goerz



Sliding focusing with locking collar. Three cemented elements.

Serial Number:
433 .

Sinclair Focusing Magnifier


James A. Sinclair & Co. Ltd



Image of Sinclair Focusing Magnifier

2x - 4x magnification by variable separation of the elements. Sliding focusing.

3 Whitehall address.

Sinclair made a series of focusing magnifiers all of similar design, each had a long tube enabling it to be used inside a focusing hood. The magnifier inverts and reverses the image, i.e. against a rear focusing screen the image will be seen correctly. The high magnification results in a lot of aberration and colour fringes, focusing on cross-hairs and an aerial image may be easier than a ground glass.

  • 1925 Magnofoc, 12x magnification.
  • 1926 High Power, 8x.
  • 1929 High Power, 6x.
  • 1932 High Power, 4x.

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Focusing Magnifier

c. 1908

Newman & Guardia Ltd



Sliding focusing with lock.

This model has a long tube to fit inside a focusing hood. When not in use the top half unscrews and is stored in the lower half. The price was 12/6. A similar model was sold by Sinclair as the Regent.

References & Notes:
N&G Cat. 1908, p. 147. Sinclair Cat. 1910, p. 95.

Photo Einstell-Lupe

Sliding focusing with lock.

DRGM 888134.

A similar model is shown in the 1926 BJA.

References & Notes:
BJA 1926, p. 671.

Focusing Magnifier


Frankfurt a.m.


Sliding focusing with rubber cup to place against the focusing screen.

Ensign Reflex Magnifiers

Ensign Ltd



Image of Ensign Reflex Magnifiers

Binocular magnifiers to place in the hood of a large reflex camera.

Leather case.

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