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f7.7, 7 " Beck Convertible Double Aplanat. Front component c. 15", back c. 12.5". Iris diaphragm Combined f7.7 - f45, front/back f14 - f90.

B&L Automat, speeds 1 - 1/100, B, T.

Polished teak with brass fittings, black leather bellows.

4 " x 3 " exposures on 5" wide roll-film, Kodak size 104, Ensign size 5, or 4" x 5" plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows to 2' 6". Two focusing scales both marked to 5', one for film the other for plates. Double extension with additional extension by using the front panel struts.

Two brilliant view-finders.
Film advance indicated by red window. Two circular spirit levels. Wide-angle flap. Wide-angle focusing rack. Removable back.

One piece of brass on extension slide. Type 2 front standard lock. Type 3 infinity catch. Tongue and groove lens panel. Rack and pinion rising front. Early type front standard bolts. Type 2 wide-angle rack handle. Type 5 name plaque. "Patents" on struts.

Rising front. Cross front. Tilting front.

Serial Number:
17412 .

Hooded focusing screen. Plate back adapter. 2 tropical double dark-slides (1/2, 5/6). Bulb release. Case.

The Roll-film model appeared in 1902, the cross front movement and fittings on this example indicate that it was made around 1909. It was produced in quarter-plate, 5" x 4" and half-plate sizes. The Tropical model is very unusual and was not greatly advertised.

The lens on this example is longer than normally fitted, the Double Aplanat was a rapid rectilinear pattern lens often sold as a dividing lens with either similar or dissimilar components. The focal length deployed is usually longer than normal as the edge definition at high aperture was not good. Beck replaced the lens in the later 1900s with the Isostigmar.

For a list of Sanderson models, versions and an explanation of features see Sanderson Notes.

References & Notes:
Sanderson Notes. BP 613/1895. BP 114/1901. BP 2442/1902. BP 17408/1904. BJA 1903, pp. 374, 941. BJA 1909, pp. 121, 131. Beck advertisement for this lens on a Sanderson.

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