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Sutton Panoramic

c. 1861

Thomas Ross



Image of Sutton Panoramic

Lens Type:

5 " diameter. c. 100 angle of view. Two hemispheric components with water filled central cavity.

Serial Number:
26 .

Patented in 1859 and first produced by F. Cox in 1860, the Sutton can claim to be the first wide-angle lens. After only a short period Cox's involvement ceased and manufacture was taken up by Ross. It comprises two, thick, flint glasses with concentric surfaces. The centre cavity is filled with water. The inner radius of the lenses is half that of the outer surface. The image surface was curved.

The diaphragm is interesting, it consists of an elliptical opening with the major axis horizontal. Two wings project at an angle from the diaphragm plate. At their base, where they join the diaphragm, they each have a roughly semi-circular section removed. A beam of light entering centrally will be obstructed by the two wings but due to the removed portions a circular beam will pass through the lens. A beam of light striking from the side will be relatively unaffected by the wings and, as the elliptical hole is at angle, will also result in a circular beam passing through the lens.

The Bland advertisement gives the following plate sizes: 5" x 10 ", 6 " x 14", 8" x 17"and 10" x 30". An outfit in the largest size cost 60.

References & Notes:
BP 2193/1859. Ross, Cat. 1861, p. 10. Bland Cat. 1863. Abney, Instruction, p. 87.

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