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Sliding Box Wet-plate Camera

c. 1863

J.J. Shew



Image of Sliding Box Wet-plate Camera

F. J. Cox, lens, fixed aperture. Serial no. 3638 .

Honduran mahogany body with dovetail joints.

6 " x 4 " wet-collodion plates held in dark-slides.

Sliding box movement and rack and pinion movement on lens to c. 3' 8".

Address on plaque: J.J. Shew. 89 Newman St. Oxford St. London. Address on lens: Fredk. J. Cox. 22 Skinner St. London, (1856 - 1866).

1 wet-plate slide with silver wire at corners. 4" x 5" reducer and 3 " x 4 " reducer.

This is a typical English sliding box camera. The wood is Honduran mahogany with dovetail joints.

J. F. Shew was established in 1849 but sold few cameras until the Eclipse models in the 1880s. J. F. Shew was at 89 Newman St. from 1863. J. J. Shew was probably trading from this address also though he is only listed in the LPOD (London Post Office Directory) at 89 Newman St. for a few years in the mid 1870s. The camera appears to be made before this and the lens is certainly earlier.

Further Information:
A later model sliding box by J. J. Shew was included in the WestLicht auction 11/06 lot 679. That example had the 28 Wardour St address (1878) and the bed of the camera was open i.e. wooden runners at the sides and centre only.
Information on the Wet Collodion Process.

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