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No. 6 Watch Pocket Carbine

Tropical Model


W. Butcher & Sons Ltd



Image of No. 6 Watch Pocket Carbine Tropical Model

f6.3, 4.25" Aldis-Butcher Anastigmat, iris diaphragm to f32.

Dial-set Compur, speeds 1 - 1/250, B, T.

Metal body, brown Russia leather bellows.

2 " x 3 " exposures on C20 (120) roll-film.

Bellows to 5 feet. Single extension.

Brilliant view-finder. Frame finder.
Film advance indicated by red window. Not coupled to shutter.

The body carries the Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co. name. The name plaque has "Butcher's No. 6 Watch Pocket Carbine". Inside the camera is a printed label urging the use of C20 or E20 film. Probably made just prior to the full Houghton-Butcher merger.

Rising front.

Serial Number:
D4098 .

Sold by Robinson & Co., Singapore.

The tropical version of the Carbine dates back to around 1922 when Butcher advertised a tropical version of the No. 6 (for 2 " x 3 " images). This was finished in black crystalline paint with Russia leather bellows.

By 1925 the finish was the familiar oxidised brass. This model had a choice of a 3 speed shutter or a Compur both with an Aldis lens.

In 1926 the No. 12 Watch Pocket Carbine (2 " x 4 ") was added, this had teak side panels with a brass front shell and back. Ross and Zeiss lenses were available for both sizes (No. 6 and No. 12). The finish at this point was described as 'copper oxidised Florentine bronze'.

In 1927 the No. 4 was added, this was a cheaper version of the No. 6 and was fitted with a 3 speed shutter. The No. 6 continued with a Compur shutter as did the No. 12.

By 1930 the No. 6 was designated No. 7. The other two models remaining as before. The No. 7 survived until the late 1930s (renamed Tropical-Ensign-20 around 1936). The other two models ceased in the early 1930s. The No. 6 model (and No. 7) was available with a plate back to which could be fitted single metal slides, film pack adapters and a focusing screen.

Rim-set rather than dial-set Compur shutters were fitted to late examples.

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