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Ultramatic CS


Voigtländer & Sohn


West Germany

Image of Ultramatic CS

f2.8, 50 mm Color-Skopar X, automatic iris diaphragm to f22. Depth of field shown by two moving arms on the focusing ring (not when exposure meter is set to automatic). Bayonet mount. Serial no. 6418560 .

Synchro-Compur, speeds 1 - 1/500, B. Delayed action. X, M flash synchronisation. Shutter within camera body.

Metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film held in cassette.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Fixed roof pentaprism finder, split-image rangefinder focusing screen with Fresnel condenser.
Auto-stop on film advance. Film advance lever sets the shutter. Film advance and shutter inter-linked for double and blank exposure prevention.
Coupled through-the-lens CdS exposure meter, semi-automatic setting, aperture is automatically set following manual setting of the shutter speed. Film setting range: 12 - 36 DIN, 17 - 3200 ASA. View-finder shows shutter speed and needle moving over aperture scale. Filter factor setting.
Exposure counter.

Serial Number:
25317/5 .

Retailer's label: Wallace Heaton. 1 Leadenhall St. London. E.C.3.


  • f5.6, 350 mm Super Dynarex, automatic iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 90 feet. Depth-of-field arms. Tripod socket. Lens cap, rear cap. Introduced 1965. Serial no. 6828710.
  • Lens cap for 50 mm lens. Lens hood 40.5 screw mount for 50 mm lens, in blue box.
  • Skylight SF filter, 40.5 screw mount, in plastic case.
  • Focar close-up lenses, 40.5 mm screw mount: Focar A f1 m; Focar C f0.3 m, in cardboard box; Focar D f0.15 m, in plastic case, cardboard box.
  • Filters, 95 mm screw mount for 350 mm lens: UV, in box; Orange 5x, in box.
  • Close-up lenses, 95 mm screw mount for 350 mm lens: Focar B.
  • Instruction book. Ever-ready case. Cardboard box for camera. Dealers tie-on label d. 19.11.70.

The Ultramatic, introduced in 1962, had a selenium meter coupled to the shutter and aperture, after selecting the shutter speed the aperture would be automatically set. An instant-return mirror and fully automatic diaphragm (FAD) were also fitted. In 1965 the Ultramatic CS appeared having through-the-lens metering using a CdS cell but without the instant-return mirror.

Code Names:
304/95 - Focar B for 350 mm. 308/95 - Orange filter for 350 mm. 317/95 - UV filter for 350 mm. 325/41 - Skylight filter for 50 mm. 343/41 - Focar A. 345/41 - Focar C. 348/41 - Focar D.

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